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Let's figure it out!

A complimentary, free 15-minute phone call to determine the best path for your healing and see if we are a good fit. I would love to hear about what you are going through. Please click the button below or send an email to to set up your phone appointment. Thank you for trusting me with your healing, I look forward to speaking with you!

A session to provide insight and healing. You can choose a session length of one hour ($75), one and one half hour ($115), or two hours ($150). As a shamanic practitioner, my role in your healing is to shift energies in your life that may be ailing or imbalancing you. Shamans do this by channeling guidance from spirit guides, and I can do a general healing (whatever is for your highest good) or channel wisdom surrounding a certain concern you have in mind.

If there is an energy in your life that is ailing you, or an energy in your life you are trying to manifest, we will work together move in the direction of your healing that will bring about the awareness and discernment  you need to find your way forward. If you are not sure which session to book, I recommend starting here.

Intuitive shamanic counseling and healing may include:

  • messages from spirit guides

  • disconnecting of energetic cords

  • energetic healing 

  • ancestral healing

  • tarot or oracle cards drawn for focus and clarification

  • chakra balancing, and more.

    *in-person or remote

Image by Michele Guan

A two hour session to gain intense insight and healing ($150). If you have never had a shamanic healing with me or another shamanic practitioner, I highly suggest this healing to start if you can. The standard one hour shamanic healing session is also potent, but this is the kind of shamanic healing I wish for all people in the world to have access to if it were possible.


In some way, many of us  feel empty, chronically fatigued, dissociated, misanthropic, melancholic, irritable, broken, or just unhappy and unsure why. Very often, the reason for this is unresolved distress that has left a part of us "stuck". It can feel harder to become whole and even carry out daily functions because a piece of who we really are has gone away, waiting for when we are ready for its return. We may be so estranged from that part of us, that we aren't even quite sure what's missing-- we just feel that something isn't right.

I will work to retrieve the parts of you that are wishing to be integrated with you now so that you can feel more whole again. In order to live the authentic life of joy we seek, it's important to first resolve unwanted conscious and  subconscious patterns so you can find healing. This is why I deeply believe in this type of session.

NOTE: As we illuminate and resolve certain wounds, new ways of thinking and being will take place. Thus, it not uncommon to experience major life changes within a relatively short amount of time after a soul retrieval, though perhaps you may be welcoming of that.

*in-person or remote

A one hour session ($75). Most of us are walking around with wounds that originate from childhood, whether it be neglect, gaslighting, hyper-criticism, etc. The fears and traumas we experience in the past manifest in our current adult lives in our relationships, our sense of self worth, our physical and psychological health, and more. Once we illuminate these old wounds, we can consciously give them the space and awareness they need to resolve. I will guide and support you in this process as we heal together your inner child and look towards new beginnings. 

*in-person or remote


Minimum one hour session ($100/hr; length of session depends on size of space). Your home, office, storefront, car, or any other space you use collects energy. The daily energies of thoughts, feelings, people, animals, clients, past events, and more can need to be shaken up and cleared out. I clear negative energies and harmonize the space to create comfort, peace, and renewal. When we clear our space, the rest of our life can shift and flow differently, even helping to resolve unfortunate circumstances. 

This service is also wonderful for blessing a new home or business space to set new intentions and invite success and creativity! 

Because shamans work without the constraint of time and space, remote space clearing works as well. 

*remote or in-person (travel fee of $20 applies)

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