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Jennifer Wildflower


Hi, I'm Jennifer, a trained Shamanic Practitioner with a background in Cognitive Science (UC Berkeley). I'm originally from San Diego, CA and now live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. However, all of my services are offered remotely so I accept clients from all over the world. 

I work with people to help release pain and re-balance energies on a deep energetic level through shamanic methods to help discover their path forward in life. My passion lies in helping you on your journey so that you do not have to go it alone. 


The most important thing to me as a healer is getting to know who you are, what your personal values are, and what has happened in your life along your journey. I see people as their own unique person and story, and firmly believe in treating my clients as such. You will be in a judgement-free, safe space.  

I especially enjoy working with anyone who seeks help with integrating emotions, resolving emotional wounds, those who have had difficult childhoods, writers/musicians/artists, and any wild spirits who need support while making their journey against the grain. 

With curiosity, courage and trust I believe that we can find our full potential and personal path forward. Let's ask those wonderful questions and discover the answers together!

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