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Jennifer Wildflower
Shamanic Practitioner

The Discerning

Insight and Healing
Shamanic Energy Medicine

All services offered remotely or in-person

Located in Moon Township, PA


Gradient Ocean

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism and shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual practice of connecting with energy and spirit. It exists across cultures all around the world and is not contained within any one religion. 

There is a spiritual and energetic reason behind all ailments and points of suffering. We see now science and other methodologies are starting to come back to this ancient, once well-accepted view of emotional, mental, and physical suffering. Shamans see the world through the eyes of energy and the imbalances within that energy. Shamanism seeks to lovingly but powerfully address the root energetic reasons behind unwanted patterns or wounds in our life. 

Shamans use a variety of sacred tools and methods when shifting, extracting, and inviting energy. They can also shift their consciousness into a trance state to journey to the spirit realms of invisible, non-ordinary reality. It is here where they consult wise spirits and guides for messages, as well as perform rituals to shift energy in our world. 


Jennifer Wildflower

Hi, I'm Jennifer, a trained shamanic practitioner based in Moon Township, PA (Pittsburgh area). I offer all my services remotely world-wide as well!

I work with people to help release pain and re-balance energies on a deep energetic level through shamanic methods to help discover their path forward in life. 

My passion lies in helping you on your journey so that you do not have to go it alone.
With curiosity, courage, and trust, I believe that we can find our full potential and personal path. Let's ask those wonderful questions and discover the answers together!

Getting Started

A complimentary, free 15-minute phone call to determine the best path for your healing and see if we are a good fit. 

I look forward to talking with you!


Shamanic Healing Session
(60 min.- 120 min)

A potent session to provide insight and healing. A way to find awareness and discern your path forward towards relief and joy. Great for general or specific healing of the heart, mind, body, and soul. Intuitive shamanic counseling and healing may include messages from spirit guides, tarot, chakra balancing, and more.


Deep insight and healing. 
In some way, many of us  feel empty, chronically fatigued, dissociated, misanthropic, melancholic, irritable, broken, or at the very least clogged up. It can feel harder to become whole and even carry out daily functions because a piece of who we really are has gone away, waiting for when we are ready for its return. We may be so estranged from that part of us, that we aren't even quite sure what's missing-- We just feel that something is.

I will work with you to resolve unwanted conscious and  subconscious patterns so you can find healing. 



Help to understand and resolve childhood wounds that may be holding you back in your current life, consciously or subconsciously. Resolve past trauma and make room for a renewed beginning and more fulfilling life.


Your home, office, and store front collect all kinds of energies from people (and animals), past events, thoughts, and feelings. Clear out the energetic clutter, emotional residue, and shake up stagnant spaces. I will also harmonize your space to create freshness and comfort, while inviting success and creativity. Your space is your sanctuary.

*remote or in person

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